Gwen Andersen, BS, RN
Clinical Coordinator Medical Unit
Poudre Valley Hospital

"I love working with the Hospitalists because they are experts in caring for patients while hospitalized! They are able to focus on the patients' acute care needs 24/7 and provide improved efficiency and outcomes for the hospitalized patient. I can count on them to assist me in providing assessment and intervention quickly because they are always present."

Scott Johnston, M.D.
Emergency Department Director
Poudre Valley Hospital

"The arrival of the Hospitalist group has been a huge boon to patient care in our system. They are responsive, easy to work with and diligent. Most importantly, they are excellent internists. As an ED doc, it is a great comfort to me to know that when a patient gets admitted to our hospital, that patient is going to receive excellent care."

Chris Cribari, M.D.
Medical Director Trauma Services

"The exceptional quality of doctors in our Hospitalist program is yet another reason why it is a true privilege to practice in the Poudre Valley Health System. Dr. Lum Lung has brought together a group of well trained, caring physicians that are readily available to help address the many complicated medical problems our surgical and trauma patients face."

Rulon Stacey
President and CEO Poudre Valley Health Systems

"The NCH physicians have been successful in providing the highest quality, most comprehensive and the most customer friendly inpatient hospital service in the region. We are thrilled to have NCH as a part of our team across the Poudre Valley Health System."